The Traditional Smores Recipe


S’mores the American classic of campfire snacks! This easy-to-make and popular snack has made its way into the traditions of camping. No outdoor camping trip is complete without sampling one of these.

Originally started in 1927 in a Girl Scout Handbook in which it was designed to be cooked and enjoyed around a bonfire. It has now grown to become a household recipe with hundreds of iterations of the same recipe. Many of these are produced with ovens and kitchenware and taste delicious. But being true to its roots we wanted to share with you the original recipe that is perfect for your next outdoor trip!


Classic Recipe of Making Campfire S’mores

Time needed: 8 minutes

Preparation: 3 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes

Servings: Multiple



  • Graham Crackers
  • Heshey’s Plain Milk Chocolate Bars
  • Large Marshmallow


What you will need:

Wooden Sticks or Metal skewers (for roasting marshmallows)

Bonfire/campfire/fire pit



  1. Take (1) graham cracker and break it into a square shape similar to the photo below. Repeat with multiple Graham crackers (get as many as you need as it takes 2 to make 1 S’more).   
  2. Similarly, unwrap the chocolate bar and break it down into a matching size so it fits perfectly on top of the cracker like in the photo below.
  3. Put your marshmallow (or two) on your skewer or wooden stick. Place it over your campfire heat and toast them. Remember to keep turning them or they will get unevenly burnt. How long you do it for depends on how toasted you want your marshmallows. Personally, we like it just 2-3 minutes so that it is toasted (and still sturdy) on the outside but soft on the inside.
  4. Now take your toasted marshmallow and gently put it on top of your chocolate + cracker and using another piece of cracker gently push down so that the marshmallow sandwiches between them perfectly. You can now slowly remove the skewer.
  5. Admire your assembled s’more for a few seconds or spend the time to take photos for your Facebook/instagram/Snapchat if you must. But don’t let it get cold as it is important to eat it whilst it is still hot. Mmmhmmm.

So there you have it the traditional and simplest way to make a s’more. Of course, there are many more new ways to make this tasty treat  (such as using a grill so you can melt the chocolate) as well as alternative ingredients e.g. different chocolates or crackers that you can use. Frankly, it is up to your imagination as the combinations are endless.



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